5 Nail Design Ideas For Autumn

26th October 2016

Getting your nails done is a great way to make yourself feel pampered without breaking the bank.

As the nights draw in and everything gets a bit colder, most of us are in need of a little pick-me-up – and what could be better than a cute new set of nails for the season?

Drop by Super Nails at Salford Shopping Centre to get yours. Here are five awesome autumn designs you might like to try…

Yellow and Black

Yellow and black is a universal symbol of danger. Wasps, salamanders, and toxic waste are all labelled with this striking colour combination.

For a sultry Halloween look that will look feisty and fierce in and out of costume, try a yellow and black nail design. You can get creative with beading, shapes and pattern. Do something different with each nail or keep it simple and striking.


Halloween Theme

‘Tis the season to be spooky. Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your hair wigs and makeup – whether it’s the final touch to your fancy dress costume or just for fun.

If you’re dressing up, don’t forget about your nails: black stiletto nails would be perfect for a witch or devil, and blood-red tips suit a vampire.

And if you just want to do something cute and cool, there are all kinds of spider, bat, pumpkin and ghost designs you could try.


Hello Yellow

Yellow is a happy colour – and if you’re missing the summer, it’ll be just the thing to brighten up your day. As the evenings draw in and you ditch the floral dresses in favour of a winter coat, it’s easy to overlook the beautiful colours of autumn.

Amber yellow is the colour of fresh gourds, the midday sun, the hay harvest, fallen leaves. Choose a shade with depth and warmth to evoke the mood of the season.


Glitter Gold

Christmas is the time of all things shiny – but if you can’t wait till December for glitter, team gold with seasonal colours. Rich, deep purple and brown make an autumnal palette that’s the perfect backdrop for some sparkle.

For a unique modern look with a touch of the avant-garde, try a design with bold bands of colour and straight lines.


Burnt Browns

Fallen leaves come in a spectacular array of colours, from fiery red to sunlight yellow. But if you’re after an autumn-inspired nail design that’s a little subtler than these bright tones, go for brown.

It’s a neutral colour, so you can combine several different shades and the design won’t look cluttered or ostentatious. Add metallic details for an edgy finish.


To get your nails ready for the new season, visit Super Nails in Salford Shopping Centre.