Choosing the Perfect Indoor Christmas Lights

30th November 2016

No home is complete at Christmas without the perfect set of decorations, and Christmas lights are always at the top of our buying list when we start to decorate the home for the festive period.

Choosing the perfect indoor Christmas lights can be a tricky task! But, fear not, Wilko’s Christmas lights buying guide will help…

Choose your bulb colour

The colour of your Christmas lights will depend entirely on the look you’re going for. If you decide on a traditional, welcoming feel then warm white or white Christmas lights are just the job. If you’re wanting something a little different and contemporary, then opt for multi-coloured or red.

Standard fairy lights are ideal for Christmas trees. However, if they’re being draped over a banister or put up in the window then there are lots of alternative bulb shapes you could consider, including snowflakes, stars, flowers or pine cones.

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It’s also a good idea to check the colour of the wire before you buy. For example, a green cable is perfect for blending seamlessly into your Christmas tree, whereas a discreet, clear cable would look great when decorating a mirror or picture.

Length of light string

Before you buy your Christmas lights, decide where they’re going to be hung because this will determine how many you need to buy. It’s a good idea to measure up first so you don’t fall short. A window dressed with lights will of course need a much shorter length than a 6ft Christmas tree!

If you’re wondering how many Christmas lights you’ll need for your tree, Wilko’s guide below should help:

2 foot – 20 lights
3 foot – 50 lights
4 foot – 80 lights
5 foot – 150 lights
6 foot – 250 lights
7 foot – 350 lights

Battery vs. mains powered

If you don’t want to be burdened with trailing cables across your living room, Wilko’s battery-operated lights are ideal. With their sets, you’ll only need a maximum of 3 AA batteries so they’re great for on the go glow!

Great alternatives to traditional lights

Take a break from traditional fairy lights this year and light up your home with one of these gorgeous pre-lit twig trees. They’re both stylish and contemporary and would look great in the corner of any room or in a large entryway to greet guests.

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Don’t forget the essentials

So you’ve chosen the perfect Christmas lights for your home but it’s important not to stop there. Don’t forget the all-important essentials! To keep your electricity bill down it’s a good idea to plug your lights into a timer switch so they’re only set to come on for a few hours a day when you’re in the house. Some of Wilko’s Christmas lights already come with a built-in timer function.

If you’ve chosen mains-powered lights make sure they can reach a plug otherwise you’ll need an extension lead so you won’t be caught short when putting them up! Wilko’s hanging hooks will also make light work of installing your Christmas lights so you’re not left battling with fiddly adhesive tape or tack!

Safety first: Always keep lights out of reach of small children and pets. Make sure you’re buying lights intended for indoor use only. All our packaging will tell you whether they’re suitable for indoor use, outdoor use or both.

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Source: Wilko