Making your Child’s Bedroom a Playroom

1st June 2016

A child’s bedroom should be a place for them to sleep and recharge their batteries, but just as importantly it should be a place for them to play and have fun. It should also inspire their creativity and imagination as much as possible.

Thankfully it doesn’t take much to fire up a child’s imagination, as any parent who’s given their kids a cardboard box will know. BrightHouse give top tips on making your child’s bedroom a playroom in this week’s blog.

Theme It!

Most kids will be able to point to a particular film franchise, TV show, or character as their favourite thing in the world, which can give you the perfect inspiration for theming the décor.

There’s no end of characters to choose from these days either, with the likes of Iron Man, Batman, and other superhero films, as well as Star Wars and Star Trek being revived.

Making your Child’s Bedroom a Playroom

It’s not hard to find matching wallpaper, bedsheets, curtains and other merchandise from the big franchises, so you can easily give your children a room that totally embraces their favourite thing.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a film franchise either. It might just be space, or ponies, or football. Whatever your child loves, help their bedroom reflect it so it’s a place where they love to spend time and play.

Make the Furniture Fun

When it comes to furniture, a kid’s room is the one room of the house where you can think outside the box. A bed doesn’t just have to be a bed – you could go for a raised bed with a play area or desk underneath.

You could also have a cosy pop-up tent for reading or hiding away in on rainy days. Explore the extensive range of beds on sale at BrightHouse, from single beds to bunk beds.

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Easily accessible toy storage is another important element, making it easy for your kids to find their favourite toys, as well as tidy them away again! Under-bed boxes on castors or large box draws than can be easily removed are great storage solutions.

Another great idea is to have a play mat or rug, making a more comfortable area on the floor, especially if you have wooden or laminate flooring. It can also make tidying up smaller toys like LEGO that bit easier.

Get Creative

The most important thing is to make it fun! Get your kids involved in the decoration and it’ll give them a great sense of ownership over their room. Use wall stencils or paint murals to allow them to really personalise their space, maybe even using finger painting or hand prints to create a fun look.

You can also paint furniture to give it a fun new look, or to fit in with your theme.

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