New Homes In Salford!

9th November 2016

Work is set to start soon on the first phase of a major development to build more than 160 new homes in Salford.

Housing provider Salix Homes, who has an office at Salford Shopping Centre, has awarded housing and regeneration specialists Galliford Try Partnerships the contract to carry out the first two of four phases that will see properties on the Beechfarm Estate (also known as the Poets Estate) in Swinton.

Working Closely with the Poets Estate Steering Group

Salix Homes has been working closely with the Poets Estate Steering Group – made up of residents, councillors and representatives from the social housing provider – to develop proposals for an area of the estate where several properties are affected by historic issues.

The steering group voted in favour of redevelopment and as part of the proposals, the whole of the scheme will see 146 affected properties demolished and replaced with 161 new homes.

The affected homes on the estate are located on Blantyre Street, Shakespeare Road, Stevenson Road, Tennyson Road, Kingsley Road and Wordsworth Road.

Salix Homes
Salix Homes

New Employment Opportunities

Galliford Try Partnerships is also supporting Salix Homes’ commitment to support one local person into work or training every day of the year by 2020. The contractors have pledged to create several local employment opportunities to work on the development.

Sue Sutton, Executive Director of Operations at Salix Homes, said: “Awarding this contract to renowned construction firm Galliford Try Partnerships, is a pivotal moment for us as a housing association, as it’s our first housebuilding development since becoming a stand-alone housing provider.”

She adds: “We have worked very closely with the community throughout this process and we appreciate this has been a long process for everyone involved – but we will continue to keep residents involved every step of the way as we begin work on the ground soon – breathing new life into this vibrant community.”

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A total of 120 new homes will be prioritised for the current tenants whose properties are affected. The remaining 41 will be for sale or shared ownership.

Work on the first phase is expected to start towards the end of November.

“This is a significant development for us and one we’re excited to be involved with. Bringing our experience of building sustainable communities, we will strive to create affordable homes that local people can be proud of for future generations to come.”

Brendan Blythe, Managing Director of Galliford Try Partnerships North West

The first two phases will see 60 properties demolished and 70 new homes built – along with improvements to the street scene and environment.

The whole of the scheme is expected to be completed by summer 2019.

For more information about this development and Salix Homes, visit their office at Salford Shopping Centre.