Salford Shopping Centre finds their local superstars!

4th March 2020

Last month, Salford Shopping Centre invited the local community via a social media appeal to nominate someone that they felt was of particular importance in the Salford area to win a £50 voucher.

The opportunity was to acknowledge all the wonderful local people who enhance the lives of those around them. Both David and Helen Wyatt, who work at St Paul’s Church in Salford, were picked by majority of the local community and won ‘Salford Superstar’.

David and Helen Wyatt said: “We are absolutely thrilled and grateful to have been chosen . We are always looking for ways to connect with the community including providing shelter and food to the homeless, clothes and guidance to whoever needs the help”. David noted that the voucher will go towards buying supplies for the community garden at the church which they hope to have revamped by the summer.

Nick Pitt, Salford Shopping Centre manager, said: “It is always great to showcase the many wonderful individuals, services and businesses in the area. The community spirit here in Salford is very close and integrated, so we wanted to do something to acknowledge and celebrate this”.

“It was fantastic to hear people sharing the same experiences and inspiring stories of David and Helen Wyatt. We are very thankful for both of the lucky winners and all they do in Salford”.

Issued on behalf on Salford Shopping Centre. For further information, please contact Neha Patel at [email protected] or 07892790004