Poundland: Seven Steps to Luscious Silver Locks

19th October 2015

Silver hair has never been so cool. Modern day beauties such as Daenerys Targaryen, from Game of Thrones and celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have embraced metallic silver locks, bringing a fresh new glamour to grey toned hair.

To rock this chic new look, choose Mellor & Russell Simply Bright Hair Colour in Cool Silver from Poundland in Salford Shopping Centre. This permanent hair dye has been especially designed to help re-create this fresh, modern shade at home.

Poundland: Seven Steps to Luscious Silver Locks

How to Get That Hair!

Tip: Before you start, bear in mind that this look can only be created on blonde, bleached or grey hair so you may need to lighten your hair first using Simply Bright Ultimate Blonde.

  1. Choose Simply Bright Cool Silver hair dye – you may need two or more packs if you have shoulder length or longer hair.
  2. Apply to clean, dry hair.
  3. Wearing the protective gloves, add the colour tube to the developer bottle. Secure the top back on the bottle, then shake thoroughly until well mixed.
  4. Remove the nozzle tip and apply to your hair in sections, starting from the roots.
  5. Apply the colour through the lengths of the hair to ensure full, even coverage.
  6. Leave on for up to 40 minutes or until you achieve the desired shade shown by your strand test. Rinse with warm water, then lightly shampoo, rinse and condition.
  7. Style your hair to show off your new shade! Straight hair will show the silver tones most.

Poundland have a range of hair colouring products in-store at the centre, whether you want to be a silver siren, a blonde bombshell or a brilliant brunette! Pop in next time your visiting to browse their extensive range