5 Surprising Tech Bargains for Just £1!

14th September 2016

Love it or loathe it, technology is a big part of our lives. In the UK, most of us spend more time on tech than we do asleep*.

But although we love our gadgets, they can get expensive, and most of us spend thousands getting the latest bit of kit. With the release of the iPhone 7 hovering on the horizon, we take a look at a few bargain tech buys that cost just £1!

1. iPhone Cable

If you’re an Apple addict, you won’t leave the house without your iPhone. Running out of battery is nothing short of a disaster – and losing or breaking your charging cable would be your worst nightmare. Or at least in the top ten. Available at Poundland and Poundworld, a backup cable will give you peace of mind for just £1.

2. Screen Wipes

Phones, tablets, computers – there isn’t a screen that can’t be ruined by dust, dirt or sticky fingers. Stock up on screen cleaning wipes at Poundland and Poundworld and keep your kit looking good.

3. Touch Screen Stylus Pen

A stylus is a great way of using your tablet or phone without getting fingerprints all over the screen – although the screen wipes should help you with that. Easy to use, they’re portable and perfect for drawing apps. Pick one up at Poundworld for just £1.


4. Tablet Stand

Around three-quarters of British households own a tablet – and many of us won’t leave the house without it. This tablet stand from Poundland fits most tablets, including ipads, and is suitable for landscape or portrait mode. Perfect for Facetiming your friends or watching movies on the train.

5. iPhone 5 Screen Guards

If your child is a little heavy-handed with your iPhone, then a screen guard is the best way to make sure it doesn’t take one tumble too many. We all know someone who’s cracked the screen of their iPhone beyond repair, just days after getting it… Don’t be that person. Pick up two screen guards for £1 at Poundworld.

To pick up all of these great tech bargains and more, visit Poundland and Poundworld at Salford Shopping Centre.

* Source: BBC Website