#UniGoals with Salford Shopping Centre

27th September 2018

Start of term means back to late nights, takeaways and a constant diet of toast and pot noodles… If this luxurious lifestyle is taking its toll on your waistline, it might be time to branch out and discover the supermarkets we have on site – Aldi, Iceland and Fulton Foods all have super-healthy food ranges, and you can easily get your weekly food shop down to £20 or less. For all the vegans and vegetarians out there, Iceland have just brought out their vegan range of burgers, sausages and takeaway-style ready meals – our favourite has to be their new No-Bull Burgers!

  1. No-Bull Vegan Quarter Pounder Burgers – £2.00

  1. Aldi Wholefoods Range – various, £1-3.00

We’re starting the year full promises that we’ll complete everything well before deadline day and live our best lives… keep the dream alive a bit longer with this cute to-do list whiteboard from Wilko. There’s nothing like a good bit of stationary to make you feel organised! If you wanna be really keen and make a bullet journal be our guest, but you’ve probably got more important things to be doing – try these notebooks instead (probably way prettier than anything we could create ourselves).

  1. Wilko Expression Exercise Books A6 3pk £1.50


  1. Wilko Expression Whiteboard Organiser £4.00

collapsible backdrops for photography/collapsible backdrop background

  1. Wilko Sassy 90s Style Holographic Notebook A5 £2.75

Another year at uni, another strict vow that our room’s gonna be organised, our clothes will remain firmly out of the floordrobe and we’ll never be ashamed to bring our parents round again.

Pretend you’re going to follow through on this with clever storage (that you’re going to definitely overfill and need to buy more of) so you can feel smug about how perfect your room is… before you trash it after the first day of lectures.

  1. Wilko Hypernatural Desk Organiser £3.50

  1. Wilko Storage Box With Lid Teal £3.00

  1. Wilko Dragon Box with Clips 100L £10.00

Now your room is sorted, time to look at the kitchen – this one’s nice and simple, because Argos have the standard essentials packaged up in a starter kit for only £22 – it’s not gonna solve the washing up arguments, but you’ll probably hide most of this in your own food cupboard anyway so you can use the ‘nice stuff’.

If you want to step it up a notch and feel posh, check out these Morocco-inspired dinner sets from Wilko to feel like an Instagram star while you eat baked beans for dinner.

  1. Argos Simple Value 20 Piece Kitchen Essentials Starter Set £22.00

  1. Wilko Dinner Set Fusion 12pcs £25.00

So this year is also the year you’re gonna become your best self and get healthy? PureGym is pretty much the gold standard for student fitness fanatics on a budget, the equipment is amazing and their prices are actually affordable. There’s also a monthly rolling contract for anyone who realises they’re never going to make it to a seminar, never mind a gym class…

Not into cooking healthy? The secret is getting someone else to do it for you… Kettlebell Kitchen has just opened here at Salford Shopping Centre, and we’re addicted! It’s the perfect place to recharge after a gym session and they cater for any diet, whether you’re vegan, veggie or keto. We’re obsessed with their delicious chicken burrito (and they deliver so it’s perfect for taking the guilt out of a hangover).

  1. PureGym Salford – 10% off for students – up to 30% off for students on fixed contracts – £0 sign up fees

Sequin backdrops for photography and event

  1. Kettlebell Kitchen – Salford Shopping Centre