Winter Warmers

16th November 2018

Winter is coming, and now is the time to be preparing for the inevitable temperature drop and dare we say snow?! Here at Salford Shopping Centre, we have the essential winter accessories to keep you warm and dry in the coming months.



  1. Under Armour Retro Pom Pom 2.0 Beanie, A&A Sports, £22.99
  2. Boys Younger Hat Scarf and Mitten Set, Peacocks, £4.80
  3. Nike Swoosh Knitted Junior Gloves, A&A Sports, £8.99
  4. Women’s Natural Cable Knit Scarf, Peacocks, £6.40
  5. Younger Girls Unicorn Mittens, Peacocks, £3.20

Hats, scarves and gloves. The three items your mother told you to never leave the house without (and she was usually right)! Although every day essentials, they definitely come in handy when visiting Christmas markets, taking your dog to the park or even door-to-door carol singing.



  1. Younger Girls Rainbow Pvc Wellington Boot, Wynsors, £10
  2. Womens Lilley Lace Up Faux Fur Boot, Wynsors, £19.99
  3. Boys Cotswold Puddle Boot, Wynsors, £18
  4. Mens Catesby Tan Leather Brogue Chelsea Boot, Shoe Zone, £39.99
  5. Younger Girls Burgundy Patent Boots, Peacocks, £14.40

What is worse than standing in a puddle on your way to work and having cold, wet feet for the rest of the day? Not much! Invest in some sturdy boots, or even wellies, to avoid a soggy sock situation.


  1. Women’s Khaki Parker Coat, Peacocks, £36
  2. Younger Girls Pale Pink Padded Belted Coat, Peacocks, £14.40
  3. Younger Boys Red Fleece Lined Rubber Jacker, Peaccoks, £11.20
  4. Men’s Silver Reflective Padded Coat, Peacocks, £32
  5. Women’s Dusty Pink Borg Coat, Peacocks, £33.60

Cold days are looming, and coats are soon to be part of your daily routine. Practical coats, fashionable coats, weather resistant coats, all types of coats. Just make sure you get the best ones before they go!